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Academic Quest


It’s not actually going to a hiking or any outdoors activities because this is really the thing in which I think is the quest that I need to surpass as of this moments of being a university college student. The upcoming pre-finals and final examination and grading bothers me a lot.

As a student, it’s hard to manage time especially when almost all of your subjects in the class has something which is needed to be submitted. In my situation, I have 11 subjects in this semester which gives a total of 31 units that I need to finish which is difficult to do, honestly.

The need of submitting a ton of paper works, many chapters and topics to read and understand is a quest to almost all the students. Let me add some professors who are actually gives you the hardest requirements among all of your subjects to think that it is not a major subject and that professors were not really teaching effectively. How is that?

In additional to it, when there’s a lot of requirements you also need to spend a lot of money or save your allowance for the materials and resources which is needed for a person to comply with all of them. Hopefully, I can pass this obstacle. this quest, with flying colors which can make the 1st semester of my Junior college year fun and productive.



I'm a college student taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education and still striving to graduate with flying colors. I love reading books especially action genres. I'm also a newbie writer starting to post stories in Wattpad. I'm from Southeast Asia. Blogging and studying is my way to escape and express my feelings and thoughts anonymously. I 'm also addicted to korean music.

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