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Panic: No, No


Panic? This is a single word but has a really huge effect to people. Every time there is something not good, the common thing that we hear is “Don’t Panic.” Obviously, panic doesn’t do anything good to anyone. Maybe there are only times but, believe me it doesn’t give a positive outcome.

Panic causes so much stress especially when you’re a student and you have a school requirement which should be submitted the following day or on that particular day you and you just remembered it. Of course, you’ll go rushing to finish it and then you will absolutely freak out. The advice that I can give not just on students but to other people is that when in a rush just keep calm even though I know it’s really hard especially in that situation but it motivates you and gives you a focus on what you are about or supposed to do. Avoiding being in a panic or freaking out can help you achieve the result you but if not almost a half percent of it.



I'm a college student taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education and still striving to graduate with flying colors. I love reading books especially action genres. I'm also a newbie writer starting to post stories in Wattpad. I'm from Southeast Asia. Blogging and studying is my way to escape and express my feelings and thoughts anonymously. I 'm also addicted to korean music.

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