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Unfinished Thoughts?


Do you ever felt incomplete or there is something unfinished in your life or routine? You think you are already done but there is something missing? I’ve felt it many times until now. It’s hard to figure out what unfinished business I forgot to accomplish or what is the lost piece of a day for me.

I almost drain my mind because of thinking but unfortunately it ended with nothing. Maybe there is some school requirement that I forgot to do, some materials that I need and I want to buy or just something that I want to achieve which is not being reached as of this moment.

This kind of awareness bothers me a lot. There are times when I just sit on the couch or lie on my bed thinking about a thing which is I don’t know.

Those feelings were replaced when I finished a certain task or I’ve achieved enough of what I wanted to. Unfinished matters affects a person’s life, her way of living, interaction to other people and also it affects the sleeping habit of a person. Trust me it happens to me each time I’m feeling incomplete or there is something that should be done which I neglected.





I'm a college student taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education and still striving to graduate with flying colors. I love reading books especially action genres. I'm also a newbie writer starting to post stories in Wattpad. I'm from Southeast Asia. Blogging and studying is my way to escape and express my feelings and thoughts anonymously. I 'm also addicted to korean music.

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