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Ninja Moves

Getting something that you really want is a good feeling am I right? It feels like you’re in heaven when you achieved your goal, when you bought the favorite shoes you want a long time but you know what? You may or may not know the existence of these people who uses their signature moves when it comes to getting what they want, it maybe the basic thing but to tell you,somehow it’s effective as what I’ve observed. Oops! I can say that I never done it until now, it’s up to you if you believe it or not.

The act of flattering a person or simply Flattery . I know that it is really a TREND today. But come to think of it, you say or compliment someone’s physical appearance or work not because you really want to but because you want to get something from that person. Somehow, it’s rude right?

It seems like your praising him or her because you will get something in return, what type of individual you are? Are you a thief? Another thing is that you’re lying to the person and to yourself. Why did people do this? Is it because they want to get what they want in a snap? Come to think of the people who perseveres and do everything just to reach their goal.They are the type of person who are mostly successful in everything they do because behind all the success, we all know that there are hardships and sacrifices. Look at the person who deceives an innocent individual, yes, they maybe successful but do you think this will last?

FLATTERY for others may not be a big deal but try to observe in your surroundings and see clearly what I mean. FLATTERY is deceiving not only the person but yourself.You can get something that you want but remember that you don’t even let a drip of sweat escape in your forehead.

Instead of doing this, why not try to be passionate and hardworking, it’s more rewarding right?



I'm a college student taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education and still striving to graduate with flying colors. I love reading books especially action genres. I'm also a newbie writer starting to post stories in Wattpad. I'm from Southeast Asia. Blogging and studying is my way to escape and express my feelings and thoughts anonymously. I 'm also addicted to korean music.

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