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Hiding Reality

In response to the prompt Original

Greeting here and there,
Smiling to anyone, everywhere.
An everyday smile which reaches her ears,
Hidden beneath them is sorrow and tears.

Each day, each smile,
is just painted for a while,
Whenever there are “alone” times,
Try to listen and you will hear her cries.

She’s not perfect as what it seems,
There’s something missing that she feels.
Those joyful greetings and warm welcomes she give,
Are one of the biggest lies where she lives.

She’s afraid to be true to herself,
Cruelty of the world can broke her like a thief,
She can’t be original, she’s a fake.
A thought running on her mind which she’s trying to take.

Staring at the window,
looking for someone in the dark meadows.
Waiting for that person who can remove her mask,
Show them her true self beneath the mask.



I'm a college student taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education and still striving to graduate with flying colors. I love reading books especially action genres. I'm also a newbie writer starting to post stories in Wattpad. I'm from Southeast Asia. Blogging and studying is my way to escape and express my feelings and thoughts anonymously. I 'm also addicted to korean music.

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