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The city lights were really amazing. I’ve missed this when I’m still doing that

stupid mission Alejandro sent me.” Cleo said while standing on the top of a

building with her hands on her hips while looking at the city. For months there

league governor sent her to a mission that she really didn’t want to do but

because of the rules, she was forced to do it.

“Stupid? Well let me tell that it not just a stupid mission. It is just that your heart

softened upon seeing that little girl being killed in front of you, without you doing

anything.” Zion retorted while gazing at her.

Cleo flinched after hearing what Zion said. The scene kept on repeating on her

mind. An innocent little girl get killed in front of her helplessly. She saw how the

dagger was buried in the girl’s heart and the flow of blood from it. She admitted in

her mind that she really feel pity to the girl. She stayed silent reminiscing her past.

” Spare my daughter please. You’re free to kill us but not her. She’s still young

and..” the poor mother didn’t finish what she’s about to say when a strong hand

slapped her which causes her to fall. She cried because of too much pain she got

from the group of men who barged in to their house.

“young and what? You have no rights to command us what we should and

shouldn’t do. We’re having fun here. Right boys?” then the people around her

started to laugh. On the other side of the room was a seven-year old girl whom is

being held by a man while she’s staring at her mother. Tears are visible in her


“What are we supposed to do with this kid here?”

“I’m begging you. Please don’t kill her.” the woman said. The leader of the gang

turned his back then shot her using a gun straight in the forehead which

immediately killed her. The poor child wailed upon seeing her mother lie on the

ground with blood oozing from her forehead.

The leader looked at the child then walked towards the door.

“Get everything you think is valuable. Spare that child. Let’s go.” when the group

left the room. The child walked to her mother then held its hand while crying. After

that everything went black.

“You’re into it again right?” Zion asked. He held Cleo’s shoulder then makes her

face him. He was not surprised when he saw a tear escaped from her eyes.

“Stop being weak Cleofe, instead you should make your past experiences as a

foundation for the present and future. Alright?” Cleofe nodded and wiped her

tears away.

“Let’s go. Alejandro must be waiting for us.”They walked out of the rooftop and go

back to their headquarters, The Phaedra’s Den. It is located in the outskirts of

Plaean District hidden beneath the Plaean tower. It is a place where sorcerers

and witches were trained. They are working in the shadows. Every mission they

did is done at night. Zion and the other people there are the same except Cleofe.

After that incident in their house twelve years ago, she was found by Helix

Leyndor, the father of Alejandro. Helix adopted her and treated her like his own

child since Alejandro is the only son of Helix. Alejandro also takes good care of

Cleofe because he treats her like her own sister. It is the reason why Alejandro is

protective to Cleofe.

Phaedra’s Den, Plaean District

“Cleo, what’s with the rush?” Alejandro said. Cleo entered the meeting hall

without a knock, she walked towards her brother and hugged him tightly them

afterwards, cried like a child.

Alejandro gives Zion who’s behind Cleo an interrogating look. Wondering why his

sister is crying that much. Zion just gave him a nod.

“Stop crying Cleo. I don’t want to see my sister crying like this. Do you want to

take a rest first?” He didn’t wait for Cleo’s answer, in a snap of his finger. Cleo fell


“Zion bring her to her room then afterwards go back here. We need to talk about

something really important.” Alejandro gave the sleeping woman to Zion and

carried her to the room. A few steps before they stepped out of the room.

“Zion!” Alejandro shouted. Zion faced him.


“Nothing. I just want to say that don’t take advantage of my sister while she’s

asleep.” then he chuckled. Zion smirked.

“You really have that dirty ideas Alejandro. I’m not gonna do anything to your

sister. She’s not my type.” then he left.

“Just make sure of that!” Alejandro yelled.

Alejandro and Zion were best of friends. They grew up together. The fight each

battle and mission with triumph. Their parents past conflict didn’t affect the

friendship that they’ve had. Both of them pledged to ensure the safety of Cleo.

Cleo woke up with an unusual feeling. Slowly, she get out of bed and walked

towards the bedroom door when she heard a conversation between two people.

She recognized the voice which is Alejandro’s and Zion’s.

” What are we supposed to do now? We don’t know what hour of the day she will

start to change. Maybe the wizards on the other city are aware of what will

happen today.” Alejandro said. Cleo leans her head more on the door.

“Who will change? Today is the awakening?” Questions keep on running of

Cleo’s mind. To find answers about the happening, she chose to listen again.

” Just do what is planned. We’ve planned this a long time ago. Alejandro, it’s time.

When she changes we don’t know what will happen. Cleo..” the conversation was

interrupted by Henry one of the elite wizards. Why elite? This wizards and

enchanters are the kind who are trained well and are powerful than the normal


“Sorry to interrupt but the council is already in the hall. They are waiting for the

both of you.” The three left living Cleo behind the door.

“Ugh, I really hate Henry. If he didn’t interrupt, maybe I already know the subject

of their conversation.” She walked towards the bathroom and relaxed on her tub,

after an hour she fixed herself then goes out of the room. She’s about to go out to

stroll the city when guards get on her way.

“We are sorry but you’re not allowed to go outside the den Ms. Cleo. It is your

brother’s order.” one of the guards stated. She smirked and looked to the guard

with a cold look.

” I don’t care about what my brother told you. He’s different from me. I’m her sister

and you are also obliged to follow my orders. Besides, I will not be killed because

I’m not like you. I don’t have this magic that you have. I’m an ordinary person

here. It is just that I’m trained for combat. I ensure you I can handle myself.” she’s

about to walk when four guards held her.

“We also have our orders. Your brother is the current governor of our district, we

pledged to follow his orders.”

“If that’s what you wanted. I’m sorry but I have to do this.” she said.

Cleo twists the arm of the guards on her left and right side. Then she kicked the

person in front of her in the stomach to weaken it. The last guard standing

attacked her using a normal attack magic but because of her speed, she avoids it

by jumping high up in the air then targeted the nape of the guard in which he

became unconscious.

“That’s what you get for not following me.” she only had one step when some

blocked her way.

“You’re really a pain Cleo.” Zion was the man in front of her. Cleo placed her

hands on her hips and looked at Zion with a fiery eyes.

“Do you want to end up like them?” she asked Zion.

“He doesn’t have a plan. You know him right. He doesn’t want defeat especially

to you.” Alejandro walked beside Cleo and placed his arms on her shoulders.

Cleo looked at him and gave him a frustrated look. Alejandro just smiled at her

and taps her head.

Go to your room and change your clothes. Today is your day. She lets go of

Alejandro’s hold then looked at them.

“You have a secret right?” she asked the both of them. The two looked at each

other then stared at her.

” Cleo always remember that no matter what happens, I’m still your brother and

Zion is your friend. Don’t forget it okay?” Alejandro said with a soft look painted on

his face. Curiosity can be seen on Cleo’s face.

“Can you please stop the drama. What’s going on?” she shouted at them. Then

on the snap of Alejandro’s finger, she fell asleep again.

“You’re rude Alejandro. You always shut this girl’s mouth by putting her to sleep.”

Zion denoted. Alejandro lifts Cleo and walked going inside the den.

“I’m worried. I don’t know what will happen to her.” Alejandro said and looked at


“Whatever happens just be strong for her.”

The stars are scattered on the clear sky. The full moon was shining brightly in the

night. Tonight is the time for Cleo.

Cleo woke up in a bed but not in her room. She is finely dressed in white. The

elders around her. She saw her brother and Zion in a distance. Alejandro just

mouthed that he loved her sister. While Zion gave her an assuring look.

The elders chanted a spell. Cleo felt dizzy then comes an unbearable pain in the

back portion of her body. She yelled because of the excruciating pain she’s

feeling. She imagined her back being bent and her spine being broken. Her nails

grew longer, her hair became longer and changed its color to white. Her eyes

became green.

Minutes passed, she cried because of pain then suddenly a huge pair of wings

emerged from her back the difference is that, it is black on the left then white on

the other side. The wizards around her gasps because of what they saw. They

stood up and ran away.

The awakening succeeded but this is not the result that they are waiting for.

Alejandro and Zion ran towards Cleo who doesn’t recognize them. The cursed

angel, Septhera, is no other than Cleo.

The other wizards tried to attack Cleo but failed because of the strong power

covering her. She flapped her wings which created a strong wind wiping off

anything on the surface.

She attacked each wizard and enchanter she saw until Alejandro and Zion were

the only left in the area.

She looked at them and smirked. She attacked the both of them but they just

avoided her.

“Cleo we know that you’re still there. Please hear us. Remember us princess!”

Alejandro yelled.

Without their knowledge, a wizard from behind attacked Cleo with a powerful

blow of magic, strikes her and causes her to fall.

“What have you done!” Zion approached the wizard, holds it neck and lifts it. Zion

punched the wizard which causes it to lose conscience.

He ran towards Alejandro and Cleo. Alejandro cried upon seeing her sister. Weak

and unconscious.

“We need to get her out of the district. Place her somewhere wherein she can live

peacefully.” Zion suggested. Without further talking, Alejandro snapped his finger

and in a blink they are already in Aegean Mountains, located in the North of

Plaean District.

He spoke a few spell then suddenly Cleo’s eyes opened.

“My god! Thank you.” Alejandro hugged her tight.

“What happened?” Cleo asked. Alejandro and Zion looked at each other.

“Nothing princess.”

In Phaedra’s Den the elders talked about the situation of Cleo being a Septhera.

They still don’t know how to control her but because of what Cleo and Alejandro

did to ensure the safety of their place, they’ve agreed to keep Cleo but it will be

kept as a secret to prevent the witches and sorcerers from the other secret

running before her.

Alejandro and Zion decided to keep the happening a secret to Cleo because of

her reaction. They got back to Plaean District just like nothing happened.

“She’s already awake, it’s time to get her.” a voice said.

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A dream full of bliss,
a taste as sweet as a loss,
the source of an utmost happiness,
taking the heart away from sadness.

Thinking it was forever,
you say you’ll never say “never”,
But what is happening right now?
The feeling is making me down.

Tonight, realization hits,
into a connected puzzle bits,
the friendship that I thought will last,
will only be buried in the ground, the past.

I apologize for expecting,
sorry for my way of thinking,
What you think is different from me,
This is the fate that it must be.

That moments I cherish,
I’ll forget it until it’s out of reach,
I’m devastated and broken that it has to end,
those memories of me and you my beloved best friend.

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Hiding Reality

In response to the prompt Original

Greeting here and there,
Smiling to anyone, everywhere.
An everyday smile which reaches her ears,
Hidden beneath them is sorrow and tears.

Each day, each smile,
is just painted for a while,
Whenever there are “alone” times,
Try to listen and you will hear her cries.

She’s not perfect as what it seems,
There’s something missing that she feels.
Those joyful greetings and warm welcomes she give,
Are one of the biggest lies where she lives.

She’s afraid to be true to herself,
Cruelty of the world can broke her like a thief,
She can’t be original, she’s a fake.
A thought running on her mind which she’s trying to take.

Staring at the window,
looking for someone in the dark meadows.
Waiting for that person who can remove her mask,
Show them her true self beneath the mask.

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Ninja Moves

Getting something that you really want is a good feeling am I right? It feels like you’re in heaven when you achieved your goal, when you bought the favorite shoes you want a long time but you know what? You may or may not know the existence of these people who uses their signature moves when it comes to getting what they want, it maybe the basic thing but to tell you,somehow it’s effective as what I’ve observed. Oops! I can say that I never done it until now, it’s up to you if you believe it or not.

The act of flattering a person or simply Flattery . I know that it is really a TREND today. But come to think of it, you say or compliment someone’s physical appearance or work not because you really want to but because you want to get something from that person. Somehow, it’s rude right?

It seems like your praising him or her because you will get something in return, what type of individual you are? Are you a thief? Another thing is that you’re lying to the person and to yourself. Why did people do this? Is it because they want to get what they want in a snap? Come to think of the people who perseveres and do everything just to reach their goal.They are the type of person who are mostly successful in everything they do because behind all the success, we all know that there are hardships and sacrifices. Look at the person who deceives an innocent individual, yes, they maybe successful but do you think this will last?

FLATTERY for others may not be a big deal but try to observe in your surroundings and see clearly what I mean. FLATTERY is deceiving not only the person but yourself.You can get something that you want but remember that you don’t even let a drip of sweat escape in your forehead.

Instead of doing this, why not try to be passionate and hardworking, it’s more rewarding right?

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THINK before you SPEAK


Everything we do, decisions we make have its pros and cons. The most common reason why a group of individuals, may it be your family or your friends get ruined is because of this, “SPEAKING WITHOUT THINKING” and “EXPRESSING WHILE IN A STRONG EMOTIONAL STATE”. We all know that right? As a person we should be responsible and aware of the words that will come out of our mouths. There are times when we suddenly say something which hurts other people without us knowing.

In today’s modern time, being the type of person who thinks before speaking is a must. Do you agree? Every word that we say may affect the future of an individual. Why am I saying this? It is because I’m one of the victims and products of a person who almost ruined my life because of a statement that I don’t really want to hear and which makes me lose confidence.

That sharp tongue should be disciplined well, so as the brain. There are instances when we say “I’m sorry I didn’t mean it. It’s just I’m in this situation..”, but come to think of it, not all that you want to express should be said or expressed immediately without knowing the person’s feelings. We should think or contextualize what would be the effect of the sentence or our opinion to a particular person.

Learn to think a number of times before uttering a word especially a promise to a person because when you say those words, there’s a small chance or maybe there’s no turning back. No matter how you try to fix or resolve everything or  even reciprocate and cover what you said, believe me that words will remain to the person’s mind and heart especially the words which makes him/her happy and thankful; suffering and in sorrow.


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The Road to Finals : College Edition

Finals week can be felt in our university especially in our department. Maybe you can feel it too during your finals week? I’m a student like you who’s striving to pass and get through with the finals. Truth be told, preparation for the finals is really difficult especially when you have a lot of requirements to pass and to add up, you have a lot of subjects. Well, in my condition I have eleven subjects which consists of five subjects for my major field and six for the general education subjects. How is that?

As a third year college student, I always change my study routine because of some circumstances. Wait, it is not just the study routine but my whole routine. Having a class from Monday to Thursday which ends at 7 pm and on Fridays every 4pm, you’ll definitely have a hard time finishing tasks even if you’re free during the weekends, that’s what I’m experiencing at this very moment.

I accept the fact that the course and field that I’ve chosen requires a lot of hard work and patience. Your chosen field is also stressful right? Why is the finals week stressful to me? Let me elaborate to you my readers, if there are.

A lot of requirements like what I’ve said is the biggest thing that make the finals week frustrating. If you are in my situation this is what you will be doing.

You need to finish answering a 150 pages book which contains essays and pass it this week. Since you’re a writer, you need to finish a news article and pass it this week. Then, you have to give a synopsis of the biography of 13 authors plus 5 synopsis of their stories. In the next subject you need to translate poems in three languages. Let’s add up a friend of yours asking for your help to create a script for their play and only half of the group were able to attend the meeting. How stressful is that?

That is only a few of it since some of the professors is not giving or announcing their final requirements yet. I hope that the other professors don’t give hard to finish tasks because my brain is on its critical level.

I’m hoping to finish finals with flying colors. Maybe like you, as a college, I don’t strive to get the highest grade because that will be a lot of pressure.

When the finals is done, I’ll be posting tips on how to survive the finals. I know that there are many posts about this, so yeah I’ll be adding my name on that list.

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In response to the prompt Realize


It’s been a while since I’ve posted in this blog and I think it’s really a good timing since the prompt that is given really matched my mood and feeling today.

For the past few days, I’ve been trying to do my requirements for the upcoming finals for the first semester. I’ve listed all the things that I need to accomplish together with its due date. That’s when I realized that I need to maximize the time left for me to finish my requirements. It’s really hard for me to do since I’m not really the type of person who manage her time properly. There are moments in which I’m in the mood to finish everything then there’s the time when I don’t really have the energy to do certain things.

I NEED TO PREVENT PROCRASTINATION from happening! I need and want to finish this semester with a smile on my face and without disappointing those people who believed in my abilities. Despite of tons of paper works to do, all I need is TIME MANAGEMENT  and being DILIGENT! THAT’S WHAT I’VE REALIZED FOR THE PAST WEEK.

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Unfinished Thoughts?


Do you ever felt incomplete or there is something unfinished in your life or routine? You think you are already done but there is something missing? I’ve felt it many times until now. It’s hard to figure out what unfinished business I forgot to accomplish or what is the lost piece of a day for me.

I almost drain my mind because of thinking but unfortunately it ended with nothing. Maybe there is some school requirement that I forgot to do, some materials that I need and I want to buy or just something that I want to achieve which is not being reached as of this moment.

This kind of awareness bothers me a lot. There are times when I just sit on the couch or lie on my bed thinking about a thing which is I don’t know.

Those feelings were replaced when I finished a certain task or I’ve achieved enough of what I wanted to. Unfinished matters affects a person’s life, her way of living, interaction to other people and also it affects the sleeping habit of a person. Trust me it happens to me each time I’m feeling incomplete or there is something that should be done which I neglected.



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Hidden in the Shadows

In response to today’s prompt, Pretend

When you walked in to my life,
I thought the you’re one of those who will bring me light,
It’s sad to say that all of that were just hopes,
leaving my heart a deep dark hole.

Where are you my friend,
when are you, when I need a hand,
which will take me away from this darkness of being alone and sad,
saying that I’ll give you a helping hand, until the end.

Why did you pretend?
That you’re good to me and you want me to be your friend?
What did I do wrong,
for you to make me a fool for that long?

You’re true self is hidden in the shadows,
Like a monster waiting for a prey to open their heart’s window.
In which I can use as a warning,
Not to trust easily to a person who faced you smiling.