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The Road to Finals : College Edition

Finals week can be felt in our university especially in our department. Maybe you can feel it too during your finals week? I’m a student like you who’s striving to pass and get through with the finals. Truth be told, preparation for the finals is really difficult especially when you have a lot of requirements to pass and to add up, you have a lot of subjects. Well, in my condition I have eleven subjects which consists of five subjects for my major field and six for the general education subjects. How is that?

As a third year college student, I always change my study routine because of some circumstances. Wait, it is not just the study routine but my whole routine. Having a class from Monday to Thursday which ends at 7 pm and on Fridays every 4pm, you’ll definitely have a hard time finishing tasks even if you’re free during the weekends, that’s what I’m experiencing at this very moment.

I accept the fact that the course and field that I’ve chosen requires a lot of hard work and patience. Your chosen field is also stressful right? Why is the finals week stressful to me? Let me elaborate to you my readers, if there are.

A lot of requirements like what I’ve said is the biggest thing that make the finals week frustrating. If you are in my situation this is what you will be doing.

You need to finish answering a 150 pages book which contains essays and pass it this week. Since you’re a writer, you need to finish a news article and pass it this week. Then, you have to give a synopsis of the biography of 13 authors plus 5 synopsis of their stories. In the next subject you need to translate poems in three languages. Let’s add up a friend of yours asking for your help to create a script for their play and only half of the group were able to attend the meeting. How stressful is that?

That is only a few of it since some of the professors is not giving or announcing their final requirements yet. I hope that the other professors don’t give hard to finish tasks because my brain is on its critical level.

I’m hoping to finish finals with flying colors. Maybe like you, as a college, I don’t strive to get the highest grade because that will be a lot of pressure.

When the finals is done, I’ll be posting tips on how to survive the finals. I know that there are many posts about this, so yeah I’ll be adding my name on that list.